The rich calendar of sporting and cultural events will please even the most demanding. In July and August the beach, market square and town common serve as venues for festivals, shows, competitions, and concerts by leading Polish stars, guaranteeing memorable impressions for both visitors and local residents. The longest-established and most popular events include the “What Floats Won’t Sink” Polish championships in sailing on unusual craft, the Ballad Nights on Necko lake, the Augustów Summer Theatre Festival, Radio 3 Weekends, the International Netta Cup (Zygmunt Kowalik Memorial) in water-ski jumping, the “Meet Louis Armstrong” Augustów Traditional Jazz Festival, the Augustów Cabaret Evenings, Camerata Augustoviana, and the “Necko Endurance” World Motorcraft Championships.

  “Necko Endurance” World Motorboat Championships
For a few years the Championships on Lake Necko have gathered a few dozens of teams from all over the world. During the competition the boats cover hundreds of kilometres of racing routes. The best teams cover the distance of over a thousand kilometres.

  Augustów Weekend with Radio Trójka – Turniej Miast Przyjaciół Trójki (Radio Trójka's Friend Towns’ Tournament)
During this event, three teams: from the towns of Augustów, Szklarska Poręba, and from Radio Trójka, compete in curious and often extraordinary sports, fighting bravely for victory. Though the teams are very motivated to win, the mood is always friendly, and everyone is having a great time. The tournament ends with prize-giving and concerts.

  “Netta CUP” International Water Ski Jumping Competition – The Zygmunt Kowalik Memorial
Each year contestants from Poland and abroad compete for prizes on the river Netta. Thanks to many years' tradition, Augustów attracts world champions in this sport. Thanks to the high level of the event water ski is gaining popularity in Poland.

  “Co ma pływać nie utonie (What must float, will not sink)” – Poland Championships in Riding Anything on Water
The most spectacular event of the summer in Augustów. It triggers emotions in competitors and humour in the audience. For several years the designers outdo one another in ideas for vessels which will surprise the spectators and actually float on the Netta River. The creativity of competitors knows no limits. So far, the vessels floating on the Netta included a cart, a desert island, a Trabant-Dalmatian, a spaceship with Teletubbies on board, a train, a tank, and many more.

  “Spotkania z Louisem Armstrongiem (Meeting with Louis Armstrong)” – the Augustów Classical Jazz Festival
The only Polish festival of classical jazz, and an opportunity to listen to pure jazz styles – from ragtime to swing. Each edition of the event begins with the New Orleans Parade, with the participating artists walking through the town centre towards the main scene where the festival is inaugurated. Another fixed element of the event is the Cruise to New Orleans – a concert during a cruise on the lakes around Augustów. Though the festival has a rather short tradition, the event already won a great number of fans, both among the locals, and tourists visiting Augustów.

  “Lejemy wodę (Pouring water)” – the Augustów Comedy Nights
A two-day event in which known comedy groups perform on the Augustów scene.

  Camerata Augustoviana
A series of concerts in classical music. The major instrument played is the pipe organ, accompanied by violins, the pan flute, the cimbalom, and the oboe.

  Balladowe Nocki nad Neckiem (Ballad Nights on Lake Necko)
Concerts held as part of this event feature the performances of famous interpretive singers and other artists. The Nights have been organised for over ten years now. They included the performances of great artists in the genre, such as: Piotr Bakal, Stare Dobre Małżeństwo, Wolna Grupa Bukowina, Mariusz Lubomski, Mirosław Czyżykiewicz, Pod Budą, and Anna Maria Jopek.

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